Maximize the value of membership with exclusive member discounts on most dental services.

Code Procedure Description Member Savings*
D0140 Limited Exam NO CHARGE
D0150 Comprehensive Exam NO CHARGE
D0210 Full-Mouth X-rays NO CHARGE
D0220 Intraoral Periapical X-Rays NO CHARGE
D0330 Panoramic X-Rays NO CHARGE
D1110 Adult Cleaning 30%
D1120 Child Cleaning 30%
D1206 Fluoride w/ Varnish 30%
D2330 Composite - One Surface, Anterior 20%
D2335 Composite - Four/More Surfaces, Anterior 20%
D2740 Crown - Porcelain/Ceramic 20%
D2950 Core Build Up 20%
D3330 Root Canal - Molar 20%
D7140 Simple Extraction 20%
D7210 Surgical Extraction 20%
Most Other Services 20%

* Member savings may vary by location. Exclusions apply when services are rendered by a board-certified specialist.